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Khemenu Cattery is a small Texas cattery specializing in sharing the incredible gift of the Egyptian Mau cat with its new owners. Our cattery began when we purchased our first male Egyptian Mau, as we lovingly called Spike. He was the most amazing cat I ever had the pleasure of meeting. He learned his name the very first day and was so interested in his new owner and his new home. We had never owned a cat that was so involved in his human's lives. Amazingly beautiful and always playful kittens, we enjoy their spirit daily.

Khemenu takes pride in sharing the history of the only naturally spotted domestic cat in the world. The Egyptian Mau's are exquisitely exotic to look at and one of the most lovable and attentive cats to own. The rare history of the Egyptian Mau makes them a treasure to own. A very active and energetic breed with characteristics remaining as they mature to adulthood.

We have carefully selected our breeding pedigrees to produce the best color and contrast. We take pride in socializing our kittens in our home and they are carrier trained in preparation for traveling to their new homes. Our cats are champions and regional winners with CFA and TICA. Many of our breeder cat's lineage have regional and grand champion winners.

We provide nutritional and care guidelines to our new owners along with a health guarantee. We are happy to provide excellent references to our prospective buyers. Most of our kittens are pre-sold from our waiting list, which requires a $100 deposit. If kittens are delivered in person they can leave at 10-12 weeks of age, after their vaccinations.

If you are seeking a pet for life, please complete the questionnaire below and submit an inquiry. This is the first step in obtaining a Khemenu kitten.

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