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Khemenu Cattery is a small Texas cattery specializing in sharing the incredible gift of the Egyptian Mau cat with its new owners. Our cattery began when we purchased our first male Egyptian Mau as we lovingly called Spike. He was the most amazing cat I ever had the pleasure of meeting. He learned is name the very first day and was so interested in his new owner and home. We had never owned a cat that was so involved in his human's lives. Amazingly beautiful and always playful kittens, we enjoy their spirit daily. Kittens arriving this month, RESERVE YOURS NOW!!!

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About Our Cats

King and Queens

King and Queens

Egyptian Maus come in three colors - Silver - Smoke - Bronze. Khemenu Cattery specializes in Silver and Smoke and occasionally produce Bronze kittens. Please visit the About Our Cats page for more information.


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We're always eager to hear from our kitten's new owners. Their experiences are always so exciting and makes us smile.

The Egyptian Mau is the most awesome cat in the world in both our opinion and that of our life time owners.

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The first step to purchase a Khemenu kitten is to submit an inquiry online. We will then contact you and will start the interview process.

We provide guarantees for all our kittens. We also share our knowledge on nutrition and care for your new kitten.